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News - September 2009

Graduate School Releases New Journal

Date Posted: Sep 2, 2009 at 02:39:30 AM

The Graduate School of Adamson University has released Pananaw, the Graduate School journal composed of student and faculty researches. The journal is the second volume released for the 2009 series and goes beyond the aim of compiling and publishing researches to become a printed instructional material.


Seven authors and their studies are featured in the latest volume. Lucy A. Domingo, an MS Chemistry student, highlights the use of a technique called molecular imprinting in her study Binding Properties of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer with Lead Acetate for the Separation and Determination of Lead. Graduate School faculty Dr. Marietta Ilao is her adviser. Special education is in focus for Reynold P. Varela, taking up PhD in Education, as he writes about The Lived experiences of Teachers Handling Children with Special Needs: A Psycho-Phenomenological Inquiry. Dr. Norita E. Manly guided Varela for this study.


The third research published in the journal is that of MA Education student Ritchel Bernardo entitled Research Performance of A Private Catholic University Towards A Culture of Research. Bernardo, who is also a faculty member of the Foreign Languages Department, completed her research under the guidance of mentor Dr. Adelaida B. Almeida.


Foreign graduate student Niyom Roopthaisong documented customer service and marketing practices and strategies in his study Customer Satisfaction on Phonebanking Services in Selected Commercial Banks Towards An Enhanced Marketing Strategy. Roopthaisong is taking up Master of Business Administration and was mentored by Prof. Ana Liza Ragos, MBA, who is also the Vice President for Administration of Adamson.


Emely Ambrocio focused on reading and difficulties encountered by freshman high school students in her study Correlates of the Reading Comprehension Levels of Selected First Year High School Students. Ambrocio is an MA Education student specializing in School Administration and Supervision and Prof. Manuel Tan was her adviser.


Education and technology come together for Math Department professor Emilia Vicencio, an MA Education student specializing in Computer Aided Instruction. Her research paper was Development, Validation and Evaluation of Computer Based Module for Differential Calculus: Towards Enhancing Mathematics Instruction. Dr. Bartolome Tanguilig III is the adviser.


Lastly, Dr. Jose Genaro Yap-Aizon presented his research entitled Effects of pre-Masters Courses in Education on the Teaching Performance of Tertiary Level Teachers of Adamson University. His research tries to determine the effects of pre-masters courses in Education to those who were not college professors.


“Hopefully, this journal would fulfill its goal [of being] able to facilitate the research writing of the graduate students of the University,” Dr. Yap-Aizon says in the Introduction. Indeed, the AdU community can look forward to earning new knowledge and insight shared by graduate researchers and their mentors. Yael Esperat