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News - October 2009

Damages Brought by Typhoon Ondoy to Adamson University

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2009 at 01:48:08 AM

Adamson University, surrounded by an area prone to floods, was not spared from the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy.


The St. Therese (ST) and St. Vincent (SV) Buildings bore the brunt of the floods’ angry might as waters rose up to above the knees. The flood went up quickly, in as fast as a matter of minutes, preventing students and faculty who were on campus for their various activities from being able to leave the school. As a result, at least 400 people spent the night at Adamson.


The driver of a taxi named Black Antz Transport, owned by a certain G.M. Sikat with a carbarn address of 1003 Pandacan St., Pandacan, Manila, passed away inside his vehicle last Saturday, September 26, during the height of the flood. As told to this writer by Mar Bustamante, the University Photographer, the driver had attempted to pass through San Marcelino Street but was not able to and got stuck in front of the TUP campus. Instead of leaving his taxi to go to higher ground, he stayed inside the vehicle and there were reports of people seeing him using an inhaler. Mar says he may have died of a heart attack, but it is still unsure as a SOCO team took his body from the vehicle the next day.


Inside the campus many offices suffered heavy damage. The SV Building site was thoroughly flooded, with the waters going inside all classrooms and offices on the ground floor, heavily damaging the wooden flooring of the Gym. Books and computers became submerged as waters thigh-high went inside the ST Quad and into the LM Library’s first floor. Water was also deep inside the AdU Theater and Art Gallery, and the Cultural Affairs Office lost a laptop in their office, among others.


The SV Clinic also suffered damage. Many computer systems will now be rendered useless as the University’s computer laboratories and floods were inundated by water. Many offices were left to scramble and save whatever property, important documents, and other equipment that they can.


As the weekend approaches, many offices have already taken an inventory of their loss and damage for insurance purposes. The big challenge for Adamson now is to get back on its feet and be able to render service despite its maimed resources. Yael Esperat