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News - August 2011

AdU's College of Architecture Celebrates its 70th Year

Date Posted: Aug 2, 2011 at 02:28:22 AM

The College of Architecture of Adamson University will spend a very special school year as it celebrates the 70th anniversary of its establishment as one of AdU’s pioneer colleges.


The college, headed by its dean Arch. Peter Villanueva, has lined up activities to last the entire school year, the highlight of which will be their culminating activity on December 10 with a gathering at the ST Quad of former deans, faculty members, alumni, and members of the AdU community with strong ties to the college.


The theme of the celebration, “Celebrating Platinum Years of Universal Aspirations and Success,” focuses on the far-reaching successes achieved by the graduates of the College of Architecture throughout the years. When at first the new Adamsonian architect garnered honors for his or her designs and structures here in the country, today the Adamsonian architect’s masterpieces are recognized and admired in East Asia, Middle East, and the Americas. “It is a dream for all architects to have designs not only here but in other countries as well,” says Arch. Villanueva. From topping board exams to winning design and architecture contests, the Architecture graduates have shown to the world how well Adamson University has trained them.


The College of Architecture was established in 1941 as the School of Architecture, months after the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering formally became Adamson University. It was established at the same time as the College of Law. Its first dean was Paul Rosenfeld, a German architect from Berlin who sought refuge from Nazi Germany in Manila along with other German Jews who also taught in Adamson. The faculty then included luminaries such as Oscar Arellano, Severino Fabie, and Antonio Kayanan. The four-year architecture course was officially recognized in March 1949, and growth for the college has been at full throttle ever since.


Other highlights of the platinum anniversary celebration include exhibits and seminars to be held for and by Architecture students, with many of the exhibits to be opened to the AdU community. The first exhibit, showing work of some of the most successful Archi alumni, were inaugurated on July 26 at the Archi Audio-Visual Room and drawing hall. The first seminars and demonstrations were to be conducted by Jardine Distributors and Zenith International Philippines. Other exhibits and seminars will be held in August, September, and November, with more to follow in January until March 2012.


The culminating event on December 10 will see the Architecture community fete its accomplishments and the 2011 board exam passers and present the college’s official account of its history. Current students and faculty members will also do their presentations along with the alumni.


As for its future, Arch. Villanueva looks to accreditation of the college and the program as their topmost priority as he believes accreditation will give recognition of its existence. Another aim of the college is achieving consistency in board examinations to give more prominence to its alumni and to the school as one of the top architectural schools in the Philippines. Arch. Villanueva also says that they will be continuing the reformatting and evaluating of the curriculum to achieve equivalence with the architectural programs of other countries. Yael Esperat