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News - September 2011

Clean and Green Adamson goes into full drive

Date Posted: Sep 24, 2011 at 02:23:54 AM

Adamson University changed its color from blue to green last August 22 with the launching of the Clean and Green Adamson project.


Clean and Green Adamson campaigns for an unpolluted and well-maintained learning environment for the students and for a healthier workplace for employees. Spearheaded by University President Fr. Gregg Bañaga Jr. C.M., the project aims at introducing the green lifestyle through education and enforcement and engages everyone to take greater responsibility in improving the campus’s surroundings.


Two events were recently launched in support of the Clean and Green Adamson projects. The College of Science lead the charge in greening the Adamson University campus with its tree planting activity held on August 12.


The activity, dubbed the AdU Ecological Project, began with a simple opening ceremony at the Plaza de San Vicente. Present at the ceremony were University administrators led by Prof. Ana Liza Ragos, Vice President for Administration, College of Science dean Dr. Gladiola Santos, chairpersons of the college’s various departments, COS students, and staff from various offices of the University. Dr. Santos gave the welcoming remarks and explained the five phases of the project while Dr. Ramon Luber, chairperson of the Natural Science Department and project coordinator, gave further details, including the kind of trees to be planted along the banks of the Estero de Balete. The plants—which include lantana, bougainvillea, and fire trees—were selected chiefly for their sturdiness and ease of care.


The project came through via the impetus of Fr. Nonong Fajardo C.M., director of the Integrated Community Extension Services, and was made possible through the partnership with the Adamson University Volunteers Organization. The project is aimed to be accomplished in two to three years.


Upping the ante in greening the campus is the Junk Challenge contest launched by the Physical Facilities Office (PFO) and Office for Institutional Advancement (OIA).


The Junk Challenge has a four-fold purpose anchored on fundraising and waste management. Anchored on the Clean and Green Adamson program, it is aimed at helping the environment and raising awareness on waste segregation and recycling. The challenge will also serve as fundraising for both the 80th Founding Anniversary and the Bridge Program.


In this contest, all offices and departments will collect their recyclable materials every week and turn them over to the PFO every Thursday for cash and points. All sectors will be divided into 11 clusters and must segregate their junk materials before turning over. The collected junk will be sold to a private junk contractor, and every ten pesos earned by the cluster from the sale of their junk materials will be given one point. The cluster with the minimum sale of PhP50,000 per month will qualify for prizes and incentives while those that will earn the most points will receive awards.


Ten kilos is the minimum requirement for turnover, which began last August 25. The Office for Security and Safety will assist the PFO during collection.


These events are changing the landscape of the AdU community by making its people become more aware and more sensitive to its environment. In time, everyone in Adamson will be able to come to campus that is spotless and fresh, responsible to the environment, and capable of reducing its waste to a minimum. Yael Esperat