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News - December 2009

Mass Comm Program Becomes Full-Fledged Department

Date Posted: Dec 2, 2009 at 01:07:02 AM

The Mass Communication degree program of Adamson University has been granted the Academic Department status, which takes effect this semester.


In a memorandum dated October 13, 2009 sent to the academic community by Dr. Myrna Añes, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs-Programs and Standards, due to the continuous rise in the enrollees for the Mass Communication program and following the recommendations of the IQUAME Assessors and PACUCOA, the governing body of Adamson University finally approved the creation of the Mass Communication Department, separating it from the Foreign Languages Department, its former mother unit.


According to Mass Communication professor Mari Jeanie Derillo, she, together with fellow professors Mabelle Olivera and Edward Gonzales, are discussing future plans to realize projects to further incorporate excellence in the department, such as hiring new faculty who are specialists in the different fields of mass communication; giving symposiums and seminars to students featuring media practitioners; creating partnerships with industrial partners to accommodate students’ internship; engagement in the building of culture and image as a department in the Adamson Community; continuing education among its faculty; providing international linkages to have exchange students if given the chance; and developing their own TV station under the direction of Professor Gonzales.


“Also, to continue ‘kick-ass’ teaching strategy which we have been doing already to students,” adds Professor Derillo.


The Mass Communication program is a PACUCOA-accredited course (Level III, 2007 until 2012). The program has a population of 750 students at present. Rona Suelan