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News - December 2009

A Toast to Religious Life in Vocation Week 2009

Date Posted: Dec 2, 2009 at 01:02:11 AM

Pledging one’s whole life to the Lord is the biggest commitment an
individual can make. Grave as it sounds, it is also an enlightened
decision, one that is embraced with one’s whole being and with joy.


It was with this optimism and inspiration that the Campus Ministry
Office celebrated the Vocation Awareness Week, a yearly activity
organized by the CMO which was held from November 23 to 26, 2009. This event serves to inform the Adamson University community which religious orders have apostolate in the country and to ultimately convince potential individuals to join these congregations and become a priest, nun, or brother.


In a film viewing and open forum session held at the ST Chapel,
students were able to interact with the religious from various
congregations such as our own Vincentian Priests, sisters from
Daughters of Charity, Daughters of St. Paul of Chartres, Paulinian
sisters, Missionary Sisters of St. Columban, and seminarians from San Carlos Seminary. The guests were sharp and witty with their answers, bravely taking on the answers posted by eager and curious Adamsonians. An exhibit showcasing the various orders was also created at the lobby in front of CMO.


There are hundreds of religious congregations in the country with
their own unique missions, and the individual is left to his or her
own to decide which congregation to join should he/she decide to
follow Christ’s calling. For more information on following a vocation,
  interested individuals can visit the CMO or call them at local 220.