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News - December 2009

Psych Alumni Reunite to Form Alumni Association

Date Posted: Dec 2, 2009 at 00:57:05 AM

The Adamson University Psychology Alumni Association (AUPAA) is alive once more as Psychology graduates went back-to-school for a little reunion.


The gathering organized by the College of Science and Office for Institutional Advancement (OIA) was held last December 5, 2009 at the Plaza de San Vicente. The intimate celebration was filled with testimonials led by Dean Gladiola Santos, OIA Director Dr. Lizelle Villanueva, and other officials. The presentation of nominees for AUPAA officers followed, after which elections were held.


Ms. Eva Dulay, Psychology graduate and former president of the Adamson University Alumni Association, was unanimously elected as president of the AUPAA. Ms. Dulay carries with her the experience of leading an alumni organization into the AUPAA, apart from following on a personal promise to the Dean Santos to help after her term ends at AUAA. Mrs. Susan Mondano, director of Placement Office, and Jerome Garcia were elected as internal and external vice presidents respectively.


The complete lineup of officers is as follows:


President: Eva Dulay
Vice President: Susan Mondano (Internal) / Jerome Garcia (External)
Secretary: Desiree Castillo
Assistant Secretary: Jamela Amor Rasuman
Treasurer: Darwin Rungduin
Auditor: Saturnino Carranza
Public Relations Office: Marjorie Petalio
Business Manager: Janelle Rayos


Directors: Arturo Baloso (Community Services), Joanne Manliclic (Scholarships), Ana Lisa Tabuzo (Membership), Lilian Jade De Leon (Ways and Means), Queenie Bernadette Pableo (Training and Development).