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News - January 2010

CRECE Launches AdU Journal of Research

Date Posted: Jan 9, 2010 at 06:14:37 AM

Finally, a courier for the University’s best research papers is now available in the form of the Center for Research and Continuing Education’s (CRECE) official annual research journal. Launched last December 15, 2009, the Adamson University Journal of Research (AdUJR) is an attempt by the University through CRECE director Engr. Venusmar Quevedo, who also serves as Editor-in-chief of the journal, to come up with an interdisciplinary publication that addresses the need for a medium by which to convey to the academic community and other interested parties the output of faculty-conducted researches.


The maiden issue, dated November 2009, is a 118-page collection of original research, research collaboration, research notes and a short paper done by Adamson faculty. Among the researches contained in the journal are “Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymer from k-carrageenan, Urea and Recycled LDPE” by Dorothea Ouano of the College of Science, “Acute and Subacute Toxicity of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in Rodents” by Ryan C. Pekson of the College of Pharmacy and “Biodiversity of Birds in Ipo Dam, Philippines: Status and Threats” by Eleanor Austria of the College of Science.


Aside from an in-house Advisory Board, the journal also boasts of an International Advisory Board made up of some of the best minds in academe from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, USA and the Philippines that reviews and evaluates papers submitted for publication. Being a refereed one, the journal thus ensures that only the best papers pass the strict academic and scientific standards that make them worthy of inclusion.


University President Fr. Gregg L. Banaga, Jr. welcomed the journal, wishing that “with sustained dedication and attention to quality among the editorial body and contributors, the AdUJR will be a valuable contribution to the discovery of knowledge and a useful resource to other researchers and teachers.” CRECE director Engr. Venusmar Quevedo thanked the editorial board for “keeping our standards high and in helping bring AdUJR to new, possibly even soaring heights.” She also encouraged the Adamson academic community, alumni and other scholars to submit manuscripts for consideration for future issues. RDA