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News - March 2010

Canada-based alumnus visits old haunt

Date Posted: Mar 30, 2010 at 05:48:31 AM

He was a Chinese citizen who came to the Philippines to live and study for some time before moving to another country to find work. More than 40 years after he graduated, he comes back to his old haunt to reminisce, look at what’s new, and reconnect with his alma mater and the country.


Bin-Kon Loo is now the publisher of Filipiniana News, a monthly community newspaper combining important news and current events in the Philippines with local Ontario news and geared towards Filipinos living in the town. Loo graduated from Adamson with a degree in Chemical Research in 1968. He was still a student when the turnover from the Adamson family to the CM priests took place; at the time he graduated, Founder George Lucas Adamson had stepped down and Fr. Leandro Montañana assumed the presidency.


Loo was in the country last January for a visit and met with University Fr. Gregg L. Bañaga Jr., C.M. and other University officials. Snapping pictures in between walks, Loo was happy to share stories and banter with people.


He was scheduled to go back to Canada on the first week of February, which made him unable to attend the Alumni Homecoming on February 13. Yael Esperat