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News - March 2010

CRECE Presents Published Research in Forum

Date Posted: Mar 30, 2010 at 05:43:24 AM

After getting their researches published last year, seven authors made a live presentation of their studies in a forum organized by the Center for Research and Continuing Education (CRECE) last March 5 at the BA Multimedia Room.


The University Research Forum is the latest CRECE activity to promote the papers published in theAdamson University Journal of Research. Three technical and four non-technical papers were presented for panel discussion composed of students and faculty from the various colleges.


The technical papers were Acute and Subacute Toxicity of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in Rodents by College of Pharmacy dean Ryan Pekson; Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymer from K-carrageenan Urea and Recycled LDPE by Prof. Dorotea Ouano; and Biodiversity of Birds in Ipo Dam, Philippines: Status and Threats by Prof. Eleonor Austria.


The non-technical papers were Information Literacy Instruction in Tertiary Level: Needs Assessment, Design and Validation Study by Prof. Nelisa Casela; Ascertaining Positive Student Outcomes through the Collaborative-Reflective (CORE) Learning Strategy by College of Science dean Dr. Ma. Gladiola Santos; Psycho-Spiritual Healing: Basis for Development of Psychotherapeutic Intervention by Dr. Reynold Varela; and Espoused and Lived Corporate Values among Selected Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the University Belt Area: Inputs to Values-based Institutional Relations Program Development by College of Business Administration dean Dr. Carl Mark Miniano.


Guests were given the chance to post their questions during the panel reaction part conducted after the presentations of the technical and non-technical papers. The panel reaction enabled the forum to become an interactive activity.


The Forum is a traditional activity of the University, which aims to provide the academic community a chance to see thoroughly the results of researches conducted by the faculty as well as to encourage others to go into research. Through this event, CRECE hopes to animate participants via the mutual exchange of ideas. Yael Esperat