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News - October 2011

New REEs and RME for Adamson University

Date Posted: Oct 22, 2011 at 02:12:30 AM

The results for the licensure examinations for Registered Electrical Engineers (REE) and Registered Master Electricians (RME) conducted on the second week of September have been released and Adamson University has ten new REEs and 11 new RMEs to be proud of.

The ten REEs were among the 1,519 successful examinees out of 2,618 applicants while the 11 RMEs were among the 742 successful examinees out of 1,905 applicants. The first taker REES also posted a high 58.33% passing rate.

The new REEs are:
Engr. Jeric P. Adamos
Engr. Romulo D. Aquino Jr.
Engr. Emerson Edward G. Bunagan
Engr. Francis Niel S. Celebrado
Engr. Jan Victor Paolo M. Cullano
Engr. Ryan S. Edañol
Engr. Jan Carlo P. Limbag
Engr. Mark Dexter G. Ocon
Engr. Eric Lloyd Y. Perona
Engr. Jeremy Z. Roquel

Engineering alumni Ronald James M. Rondilla made a name for himself by landing in the top ten of the RME exam. Rondilla placed ninth with a score of 81.00%. The names of the ten other Adamsonian RMEs are still being verified as of presstime.

The results were released two (2) days after the last day of the exams.