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News - July 2010

CMO Director Releases Songbook

Date Posted: Jul 23, 2010 at 02:28:35 AM

For Campus Ministry Director Fr. Bernie Diaz, C.M., the demands of administrative work is not a hindrance to letting his creative musical juices flow. After launching his first CD of Mass songs in 2007, here he comes again presenting his latest musical oeuvre, a songbook of Mass songs. The package comes with a ring-bound collection of musical scores and a tutorial CD.


Like those in his first album, the songs in his songbook are done in a classical style, with a flowing tempo and smooth transitions that are appropriate in the solemn celebration of the Holy Mass. The CD is a minus-one orchestral rendition intended to aid choirs or groups, or their musical directors, in learning or singing the songs.


Fr. Bernie believes that the songs, particularly the Credo, are important in the celebration of the mass. The Credo forms the core of the Faith and it is from there that other songs actually emanate. It is complete, he says, and that is the reason he gives it the importance it deserves in his musical compositions. Fr. Bernie is not really worried if his songs are not sung as often as the other more popular Mass songs but is secure in the fact that he has created the appropriate music that justifies the centrality of the Credo in the Catholic Faith. He’s also optimistic that the day will come when people will get to appreciate and see the true significance of Church music in general, especially the kind that perfectly blends with the message and essence of the Holy Mass. RDA