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News - July 2010

Adamson Hosts Chinese School Administrators

Date Posted: Jul 23, 2010 at 02:23:33 AM

Adamson’s youngest office, the Office for International Relations (OIR), recently hosted administrators from three Chinese educational institutions to foster a potential educational agreement with these institutions.


OIR Director Bro. Henry Escurel, C.M. welcomed to Adamson three women representing three schools from southern China. The guests were Wei Haiqing, Vice President of the Medical College of Shi Jia Zhuang; Cheng Rui Feng, also Vice President of Jiangxi Vocational and Technical Colleges; and Marie Mao, Dean of Nanchang Institute of Technology’s International Exchange Department. Bro. Escurel met with them at the President’s Office Conference Room.


After a brief presentation to introduce Adamson University to the guests, the Chinese administrators then met with the deans of Adamson’s various colleges to ask for educational offerings and curriculum programs. Engineering, business courses, and nursing were high topics on the guests’ questions. The Chinese administrators also presented information brochures from their respective schools to the college deans.


A tour of the campus and lunch capped the visit. Ms. Pamela Mantuhac, director of the Office for Vincentian Identity and Mission, was also on hand to greet the visitors and host the proceedings. Yael Esperat