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News - September 2010

Memories of the Past Come Alive at the Gallery

Date Posted: Sep 17, 2010 at 01:07:30 AM

A Filipino family based in Italy came to Manila recently for a homecoming of artistic sorts.


Tomas Tiamzon, his daughters Lyn Grace and Ann Jennifer, and family friend Lito de Guzman brought together nearly 50 of their artworks to stage Memorie del Passato (Memories of the Past), their first exhibit at the Adamson University Art Gallery which opened on August 10.


Tomas and Lito both graduated from the University of the East with degrees in Fine Arts, where the latter still works as professor and college secretary at the College of Fine Arts. Tomas employs the impressionist style on his art, while Lito has been known to use the humble ballpen to create masterpieces. Sisters Lyn Grace, 25, and Ann Jennifer, 17, have already won top prizes in several art competitions in Italy.


The exhibit features art done in different styles—impressionist, abstract, figurative—expressed by the artists but each invoking depth and mastery. The artists’ influences also vary, from life in general to people and emotions, but many have references to the Tiamzon’s adopted homeland.


The exhibit ran until August 31. Yael Esperat