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News - September 2010

Adamsonian Pharmacy Student is Principal Candidate for 2010 Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in US

Date Posted: Sep 17, 2010 at 01:06:15 AM

Erika Marie D. Ramos, a third year BS Pharmacy student of Adamson University, is one of the nine successful nominees from the Philippines to the Global Undergraduate Exchange (Global UGRAD) Program. The Program provides scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students from underrepresented sectors in Asia and the Western Hemisphere for non-degree, full-time study combined with community service, internships and cultural enrichment. The Global UGRAD Program is funded by the US State Department and is administered by the Philippine American Educational Foundation.


Ramos’ academic accomplishments and goals made her selection as principal candidate for this program possible. She will be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course work chosen from the US host institution’s existing curriculum, which will allow her an opportunity to interact with American faculty and students, and gain exposure to the American academic culture.


One hundred seventy-one students from 20 countries in East and Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America qualified for the Global UGRAD Program for 2010-2011, including Ramos and eight other Filipinos. Riznie R. Sevilla