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News - September 2010

Computer Science Department Celebrates 20th Year

Date Posted: Sep 17, 2010 at 01:03:33 AM

Adamson University’s Computer Science Department went big time to celebrate their 20th year at their General Assembly last July 31 at the Adamson University Theater. Dubbed “CS Department Goes Musical,” the General Assembly became a showcase of students’ talents outside the classroom setting.


With CompSci Department chairperson Prof. Rejan Tadeo at the helm, donations were solicited from sponsors. Student organizations joined their professors in creating a gathering that marked their historical milestone with a bang. Also present were some department alumni.


Registration began at 1:00 PM with students drawing straws for prizes from Sun MicroSystems, Traveler’s Kit, Netbeans Installer, and Boy Abunda gift packs. Other sponsors were Narra Systems Inc., Accenture, itprosasia.com, Microsoft Philippines and WSI-Autodesks.


Highlights of the day were the performance competitions for Best Musical Production/Best Group Performance by the students, with block section 401 winning first place followed by Blocks 302 and 301 for second and third places respectively. Video presentations were shown and professors made their contribution to the Musical theme with their own performance. More prizes were given away during the raffle games, and a lucky student won a Samsung mobile phone during a text contest within the program.


The event was pronounced a success, with students and professors enjoying the six-hour program that ended at 7:00 in the evening. For the CS Team, their goal of celebrating their 20thyear in the best way had been achieved. With a report from Reygie P. Iglopas