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News - September 2010

Pharmacy Achieves 100% Passing Rate for First Takers in Board Exam

Date Posted: Sep 17, 2010 at 01:00:05 AM

Thirteen graduates from the College of Pharmacy were triumphant in their first take of the June 2010 licensure examination for pharmacists. Together with five repeaters, 18 of the 23 graduates passed the exam, giving Adamson a high passing rate of 78%.


The College prepared them for the boards with a three-month review, an evaluative exam to determine readiness to take the exam, and strict monitoring of students’ academic subjects. According to college dean Ryan Pekson, this achievement is the result of the efforts and measures created by the college for the students. He added that they are also looking forward to having a topnotcher in the next Board Examination.


The new pharmacists are:


  • Acido, Joeart
  • Atienza, Jessica
  • Biscocho, Jennifer
  • Damian, Emmanuel
  • De Claro, Maria Christina
  • Espinosa, Erwin
  • Isip, Claribel
  • Mabale, Dannie Christine
  • Medina, Aura Solanie
  • Mercado, Mariekris
  • Moredo, Maribeth
  • Pegarro, Roanne
  • Pinili, Precious Ann
  • Primavera, Chuchika
  • Rodrigo, Jeralyn
  • Roldan, Renz Patrick
  • Sta. Ana, Rosewin
  • Trajano, Harvy


-Khaye Ritual