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News - October 2010

Adamson Donates Trees to Paco Park

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2010 at 00:56:43 AM

An environmentally-sound offshoot of the Roofing and Greening of the ST Quad sprouted in the form of replanting ten royal palm trees at nearby Paco Park. These palm trees had been in the quadrangle for some three years already but had to be removed when the roofing project started. Uprooting and moving the trees to their new location were done in the first week of September. They now stand proud at the back portion of the park along Romualdez St. – mute but important expressions of Adamson’s green advocacy that merited full support from the area’s Barangay Chairperson Mrs. Carmencita Moreno. Mrs. Moreno, herself an alumna of Adamson, solicited the assistance of District 5 Engr. Josie Roxas Saing for the huge task of moving and replanting the trees at the park. Paco Park OIC-Administrator Mr. Peter Emlano, whose area of administration is the direct beneficiary of the project, was happy to receive the trees. He thanked Adamson University through VP for Administration Ana Liza Ragos and ICES Director Fr. Nonong Fajardo, C.M. who were present during the formal turnover. Chairperson Moreno added that the support of Hon. Alfredo Lim, Mayor of the City of Manila made the project a lot easier to realize. RDA