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News - October 2010

New REEs for Adamson University; Two Graduates Get into Top 10 in RME Exam

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2010 at 00:53:38 AM

Adamson University continues to improve its board exam performance after the first-time takers of the Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) and examinees for the Registered Master Electrician (RME) board examinations posted great results during the exams given this September.


Eleven out of 19 students passed the board exam on the first take, giving the school a 57.89% passing rate. However, only two of the 20 repeaters passed the exam, bringing AdU’s overall passing rate to 33.33%.


In the RME exam, 12 first-takers out of 20 and four out of nine repeaters passed, achieving a 55.17% passing rate. Two Adamsonians were also among the top ten highest placers: Rodolfo Quiapo Jr. landed in seventh place with his score of 83.50% while Kenneth John Zinampan made it to tenth place with his score of 82%.


The new Electrical Engineers are:


  • Aranas, Aubrianne B.
  • Basilio, Unico O.
  • Cruz, Cassandra L.
  • Dumaop, Raniel P.
  • Engracia, Michael S.
  • Freo, Anthony Paulo D.
  • Matammu, Dino A.
  • Molina, Marie Antonette V.
  • Peña, Mark Anthony I.
  • Porras, Chris Jason DG.
  • Rulloda, Jordan A.
  • Villanueva, Gerardo Jr. S.
  • Zinampan, Kenneth John Q.


The new REEs and RMEs will take their oath on November 6 at the SMX Convention Center.