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News - October 2010

Adamson Hosts Inter-University Soccer Tournament

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2010 at 00:44:10 AM


Adamson University hosted the first Invitational Inter-University Soccer tournament which was held on September 18 at the Nomad Sports Club in Parañaque City.


The soccer teams of De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU), De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (CSB), and the home team of Nomad’s Club joined the tournament, with Adamson ably represented by the Adamson University Foreign Students Association (AdUFA). The teams were a mix of Filipino and foreign students.

The tournament started with a short opening ceremony with university officials present and capped by players doing the pledge of sportsmanship. The game formation was decided through lottery, with AdU and the Nomad professional team playing the first match, and DLSU and CSB playing the second match.


The first match kicked off at around 9:00 AM. The competition was quite even with both sides making attempts on the opponents to post several times but none came through. The first half ended with a 0-0 scoreline. In the second half, the players from both the teams became more desperate to score and take the lead, but still couldn’t manage, adding to their frustration. Despite this, the Adamson players kept their composure and waited for the opportunity. The chance came towards the very end when one of their final attempts went in, thanks to the poor defense of the Nomads. The match ended with the final score 1-0, sending AdU to the finals.


The next game between La Salle and CSB was completely dominated by the DLSU team. They scored one goal each on both halfs and won the game 2-0. Inevitably then, the final game was a toss between Adamson and DLSU.



The championship match was played after a one-hour break. The level of confidence for each team was visibly high. The Adamsonians seemed much more organized and started to play more as a team, a factor that was missing in their first game. DLSU was not far behind, either. Both teams were attacking the rival post but both also displayed strong defense. Most of the attempts were denied until the last minutes of the first half when Adamson’s Libyan forward Abu Baker Hwedi scored the first goal, stealing it from the DLSU defense to give the host team a crucial lead.


The second half began with the Adamson forwards trying to increase the lead; they shifted their game to the offensive with DLSU counter-attacking at every chance. The defense put to play by Adamsonians Haithem Berhan, Aslan Harun and Mamoon Jamel made it difficult for the DLSU forwards to get through. AdU increased the lead in the next 45 minutes with a goal from Hussein, the Eritrean right wing. From that point it seemed impossible for the opponent to come back in the match as very little time was left on the clock. Finally the match ended at 2-0 with Adamson emerging victorious.


Atty. Julius Babista, Director of the Office for Student Affairs, handed the certificates to the runner-up and the winning teams during the closing ceremonies. Timothy, the center forward from DLSU was recognized as the player of the match. Sunny Dutta