Adamson University offers the following services to its students.

Services Services Services Services

Many services are available to the Adamson student. Eighteen offices exist to answer specific needs and these are within easy access. Outreach programs are handled by the ICES Office (Integrated Community Extension Services) which has established the Vincentian Center for Social Responsibility (VCSR) to coordinate assistance to marginalized communities.

General Updates

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Date posted Sep 1, 2015 at 02:53:23 PM
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Date posted Aug 19, 2015 at 02:06:48 PM
SocSci professor joins COMIUCAP 2015 in Melbourne
Date posted Aug 19, 2015 at 01:57:25 PM
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Date posted Aug 13, 2015 at 02:34:30 PM

Academic Calendar

September 1 to 5

MID-TERM EXAMINATION DAYS (w/ regular classes)

September 7

MID-TERM EXAMINATION DAYS (w/ regular classes) (continuation)

September 21 to 25

Encoding of Mid-Term Grades

September 27

Feast Day of St. Vincent De Paul

September 28

Distribution of Computerized Mid-term Grades

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