Discount: 5% on tuition fee only, given to the following:
* Full Tuition Fee payment (on or before enrollment period)
* Siblings
* Alumnus Child


Downpayment: P10,000 upon enrollment

lip/ris 5/14/15

School Fees for Incoming Freshmen
1st Semester SY 2015 - 2016

Courses Course Load Total Fees in Pesos
A.B. in Communication 28 units lecture P43,320.00
A.B. in Economics & Philosophy 26 units lecture P40,494.00
A.B. in Political Science 25 units lecture P38,866.00
Associate in
Computer Technology
23 units lecture, 3 units laboratory P48,196.00
B. Elem. / B. Sec. Education 28 units lecture P43,170.00
B.S. Accountancy 29 units lecture P48,689.00
B.S. Architecture 25 units lecture, 4 units laboratory P51,018.00
B.S. Biology 23 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P43,014.00
B.S. Chemistry 26 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P47,326.00
B.S. Computer Science 27 units lecture, 3 units laboratory P55,548.00
B.S. Customs Administration 32 units lecture P50,986.00
B.S. Engineering (all courses) 24 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P46,159.00
B.S.B.A Financial/Marketing/Operation Management 26 units lecture P42,378.00
B.S. Hospitality Management 23 units lecture P37,250.00
B.S. Information System 28 units lecture, 1 unit laboratory P47,862.00
B.S. Information Technology 27 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P50,926.00
B.S. Nursing 26 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P48,800.00
B.S. Pharmacy 29 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P51,760.00
B.S. Psychology 23 units lecture, 2 units laboratory P45,021.00

General Updates

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February 9 to 15

MID-TERM EXAMINATION DAYS (w/ regular classes)

February 18 to 20

Foundation Day (University Celebration)

February 22 to 26

Encoding of Mid-Term Grades

February 25

EDSA Revoulution Anniversary

March 1

Distribution of Mid-Term Grades

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