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Bunka Koryu Kai (BKK)

Bunka Koryu Kai is a recognized Co-Academic Japanese Organization in Adamson University.

Bunka Koryu Kai is an organization that will represent the Nihongo student body and the interest that binds them, that is their interest in Japanese language and culture.

The name Bunka koryu Kai was coined from the Japanese words “Bunka” meaning culture, “Koryu” meaning exchange, and “Kai” which means society. Therefore Bunka koryu Kai literally means Cultural Exchange Society.


Bunka Koryu Kai is a leading Japan—Philippines cultural exchange club, a socio-civic (Co-Academic), non–political, for students of Adamson interested in Japanese language and culture.


Thus, we the Adamson University Bunka Koryu Kai diligently commit ourselves to:

  • The promotion of unity and brotherhood among students of Adamson University and other institutions through the use of Japanese language and culture guided by the Vincentian’s traits and spirit.
  • Participate and support the Vincentian mission in the promotion of justice, peace, unity, and care for the poor.
  • Mediate between students and Japanese firms and institutions based in the country for scholarships and employment.