Financial and Scholarship Programs

The Office for Student Assistance and Scholarship (OSAS) is a new addition under the Vice President for Student Affairs. The office aims to centralize all efforts in the supervision of scholars and scholarship programs, and the dissemination of information on all matters related to scholarships and study grants for the University's student body. The OSAS is also tasked in the development of each scholar by providing training programs that enhance leadership skills and personality development.


Currently, the following scholarship programs and study grants are being supervised by the OSAS:


Ozanam Study Grant Program (OSGP)

The OSGP is the single, largest scholarship program provided by the University to deserving (85% average or 2.0) but financially-challenged students.


Grantees of the Program are required to render work in the University's various offices, sports facilities, laboratories, and libraries in exchange for 100 % free tuition fee and monthly allowance.


The OSGP has three areas of educational development concern: academic, work experience, and apostolate. The OSGP Scholar should be able to maintain a certain General Weighted Average every semester while keeping satisfactory work outputs in their respective workplaces. The Scholar should likewise be able to render apostolic work with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, one of the largest religious Recognized Student Organization (RSO) in the University.


University Band

Members of the University Band are also scholars of the University enjoying free tuition fees (50-100%) in exchange for band services during many of the University's on-and-off campus activities. Applicants must be able to satisfactorily play a band instrument(s) as a prerequisite to acceptance to the Band as a scholar. Once in, the Band scholar must be able to maintain a General Weighted Average of 3.0 every semester and attend all band practices and performances.


University Academic Scholarships

Academic scholars of the University are those who have maintained a General Weighted Average between 1.00 and 1.69 every semester. These scholars automatically become members of Academic Scholars Alliance of Adamson University (ASA-AdU). Several academic scholarships are available: Valedictorian (100% free tuition fees), Salutatorian (50% free tuition fees), University (maintaining average between 1.00 and 1.49, 100% free tuition fees), College (maintaining average between 1.50 and 1.69, 50% free tuition fees)


Lover 14 Foundation, Inc.

This is a private scholarship grant that the OSAS is managing in behalf of the donor. Currently, there are two scholars of the foundation enrolled at the University. Basic requirement is to maintain a Grade Weighted Average of 2.00 every semester.


Dr. Emilio T. Yap Scholarship Grant

Another private scholarship grant managed by the OSAS, the Dr. Emilio T. Yap Scholarship Grant requires an applicant to maintain an average of 2.00 every semester.

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