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Security and Safety Services

The Office for Security and Safety (OSS) is primarily responsible for providing and maintaining a safe, peaceful, and secure educational milieu that is conducive to learning, employment and well-being of the Adamson University community without any undue disruption from internal and external sources. It first started as one of the services under the Office for Pastoral Affairs and later under the Office for Student Affairs. Finally, by virtue of Memorandum No. 31, S 2002, it was elevated to the status of an office under the auspices of the Vice President for Administration.



The Office for Security and Safety, a service department of Adamson University, is committed to providing a secure, safe, and peaceful educational milieu that is conducive for employment, learning, and the total well-being of the members of the community.



Our mission in attaining and maintaining our vision is to work in partnership with the Adamson University community to provide professional, effective, and developing public safety services.



  1. Provides security and safety services 24/7.
    1. OSS Office—daily except weekends and holidays
    2. Contracted Security Agency/Security Personnel - available 24 hours daily
  2. Implements and enforces University policies, rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to security and safety such as:
    1. Personnel access and identification cards for University personnel, students, non-organic personnel, and visitors.
    2. Vehicular control and access.
    3. Entry/exit and transfer of materials, equipments, and properties.
  3. Monitoring of special events and activities conducted inside the campus.
  4. Issues violation slips and report student violators.
  5. Conducts security and safety surveys and evaluations.
  6. Conducts investigations on reported complaints, crimes, and incidents.
  7. Plans and prepares response to emergencies such as fire, earthquake, accidents, and other incidents.
  8. Conducts orientations, meetings, and seminars pertaining to safety, peace, and order in the campus.
  9. Coordinates with the Adamson University community, government agencies, non-government organizations (NGO's), and other schools pertaining to campus security and safety.
  10. Inspection and evaluation of the contracted security agency and its personnel.