Library Services

The Library system is an integral part of the University's instructional program. It is committed both to building and maintaining quality collections that support instruction, research, and providing access to needed information, regardless of format.



The Adamson University Library assists its clientele, especially the students, in their academic and personal development, through the provision of updated library resources and services in order to effectively participate in the attainment of the institutional mission and objective to be more responsive to information demands.


Specifically it seeks to: 


  1. Develop an adequate and relevant collection of material resources, books, periodicals, and non-book materials appropriate to each level of the instructional program and to the needs of research.
  2. Develop a broad reference collection, which underscore Filipiniana, and research resources as functional tools of scholarship.
  3. Develop innovative approaches for the effective use of the above collection in support of the needs, interests, and concerns of the library.
  4. Provide library orientation sessions for freshmen classes, as well as give classroom bibliographic sessions on request.
  5. Organize library committee in every academic department and college.
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Adamson University offers the following services to its students.