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Finding a job that matches one's skills and competencies is one big challenge for fresh graduates. The University realizes this need and tries to make job-hunting less difficult and more attuned to contemporary trends via an online posting of job openings, employers, and even career hubs. Job openings in the University as well as those of close industry partners are also announced.

Job Openings

Help create a future for young Filipinos with us. Work at Adamson University.

We currently have job openings for the following positions:

Academic Positions

Professors for the following colleges/departments and subjects:

College of Engineering

College of Education and Liberal Arts

College of Science

College of Business Administration

College of Architecture

College of Pharmacy

College of Religious Education

Elementary and High School teachers for the Basic Education Department

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Co-Academic Positions

Guidance Counselor

Librarian/Library Assistant

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For graduating students, we display job postings for different fields from our industry partners. We have job postings for the following positions:

Paragon ICC.

Linux Administrator

Customer Service Representatives

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Accounting Assistant

Customer Service Agent for Telecommunications

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Support Associate

IT Helpdesk Associate

Technical Support Associate

Technical Support Representative

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Paragon ICC.

HR Officer

Technical Support Representative

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Specialized Products and Services, Inc. (SPSI)

Accountancy or Accounting-related course graduates

Business Management/Human Resource graduate

Engineering graduates (ME, CE, ChE, EE, IE)

Marketing graduate

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General Updates

Adamsonians receive scholarships from Taiwanese university
Date posted Sep 17, 2014 at 02:45:05 PM
New geologists for AdU in August 2014 board exams
Date posted Sep 12, 2014 at 10:08:50 AM
New mining engineers for AdU in August 2014 board exams
Date posted Sep 12, 2014 at 10:07:12 AM

Academic Calendar

September 22 to 26

Encoding of Mid-Term Grades

September 27

Feast Day of St. Vincent De Paul
Patron Saint of Adamson University

September 30

Distribution of Computerized Mid-Term Grades

October 13 to 18

Final Examination Days

October 20 to 24

Encoding of Final Grades

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