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The Registrar
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Freshmen Enrollment Procedure

  1. Secure AdUEE result from Admissions Section.

  2. Present credentials to Admission Section.

  3. Proceed to your respective department chair for interview.

  4. Submit credentials to Admission Section for encoding into the RMS system.

  5. Pay the assessed fees at the Cashier’s Office.

  6. Present receipt to the laboratory supervisor and encode the information data into the RMS system.

  7. Secure encode block schedule and printed certificate of enrollment from the laboratory supervisor

  8. Proceed to the University store for purchase of school uniform.

  9. Proceed to the Admission Section ID room for Identification Card processing.

  10. Attend freshmen orientation with parent as schedule.


  1. A student shall fill out an application form( F-OUR-101) and present the following requirements;
    • Photo copy of F138 or High School Report Card first /second quarter grades
    • Two (2 ) pieces 2x2 ID Picture
    • Entrance Examination Fee

  2. Take the Adamson University Entrance Examination (AdUEE) as scheduled.

  3. After passing the AdUEE, a student must submit original copy of these documents:
    • 2 pieces 2X2 ID picture
    • F-138 (High School report card)
    • Copy of AdUEE result
    • Certificate of moral character signed by the principal/guidance counselor
    • Original Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
    • Letter of application for student not enrolled in college after high school graduation

  4. Student who obtains a CONDITIONAL result in the AdUEE will be advised to see the dean of the college or chairperson for his/her admission.