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Social Science

A.B. Political Science

Specific Objectives

To prepare the students in understanding the framework powers and functions of the three branches of government.

To equip the students with knowledge and skills to fully comprehend the current developments in the country and in the international political scene.

To develop critical thinking among students so they can fully understand the multifarious problems facing the world nowadays, such as wars, terrorism, arms race, domestic turbulence, power struggle, and the emergence of possible superpowers.

To train students to become effective public administrators, diplomats, lawyers, teachers, civil servants, and private practitioners.

To impress among the students the value of public accountability, efficiency, transparency and honesty in the government.

To develop students to become globally competitive, aware of the economic and socio-political realities in other countries such as the Philippines.

To motivate them to actively participate in the formulation of public policies.

To help the students form a sound value system that will guide them in the conduct of their lives as future community leaders.


A.B. Economics

Specific Objectives

Economics is field of discipline that is concerned with the economic aspects of society in particular and of the nation in general. Hence AB Economics is offered with the following objectives:

To create in the students deeper awareness of the economic movements of their society and nation.

To enable students to understand better how the different economic institutions work together in identifying the economic problems of society and thereby provide or offer possible solutions with the application of both macro-economics and micro-economics principles, theories, laws, and models.

To provide the students with tools in analyzing economic situations either quantitatively so they will be properly equipped to discover ways of helping solve economic problems.


A.B. Philosophy

Specific Objectives

To develop team and people-oriented transmitters of knowledge, exemplary motivators, effective leaders in the community.

To enhance capability of making theories work for the development and progress of the community.