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Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education, as service department, offers the following courses:

Physical Fitness and Gymnastics

This course includes the discussion on physical fitness and its components, how to determine or compare one's fitness based on the standard norm and how to maintain and achieve fitness. Physical activities are centered on the development of the following components: endurance, speed, agility, flexibility, power, strength, cardio-respiratory, and organic vigor.

Rhythmic Activities (Ballroom and Folk Dancing)

Rhythmic, Ballroom, and Folk Dancing are social activities. They are considered an art form in the sense that its chief purpose is to express and thus communicate to their ideas, feelings or emotions. The function is to give physical enjoyment to the participants through the performance of the specific rhythms and movements involve and social satisfaction through group participations.

Individual Sport (Badminton)

The course offers students on the nature of the game— its basic concept, its history, the rules of the game, its different distinct phases and the different skills needed on each phase.

Teams Sports (Volleyball, Basketball)

This course will teach students the basic concepts of the games and its nature. This will help the students to attain healthy and strong body, mental alertness, emotional maturity as well as the strong discipline during the day-to-day activities.


This course introduces the students to the basic skills in swimming including historical background and status of the sport, terminologies, interpretation, and application of the basic skills. Other skills such as back stroke and breast stroke, survival skills and plunging-in are also included to provide opportunities for actual game situations and acquire desirable values such as self-discipline, confidence, determination and others inherent in the sport.