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English and Foreign Language


The English and Foreign Languages Department is an arm of the College of  Education and Liberal Arts that takes care of the linguistic and communication instruction of all University students. Being a service department, it provides services to all students enrolled in English,  Literature, Spanish and Nihongo courses.

The department is composed of 43 highly experienced and qualified faculty members majority of which have finished their Master and Doctoral degrees.

The department in its adherence to academic excellence has several relevant and interesting programs to help students develop language proficiency and provide the much needed facilities that will make teaching and learning 



            The English and Foreign Languages Department facilitates the understanding and acquisition of multiple literacy's through learning, teaching and community involvement.



            The English and Foreign Languages Department caters to a diverse group of learners providing them with excellent learning opportunities in Technical and Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Literature. It strengthens Liberal Arts education by developing a deeper understanding of language, literature and the arts.