College of Pharmacy

           The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy was opened in June 5, 1947 as a new course in order for Adamson University to become a true University with diversified programs. It received government recognition in 1951, and as quoted from the book of Rev. Fr. Rolando DelaGoza, C.M. “was destined to become a success, ably administered by Dean Felipe Logan (1947-1950), Dr. Paulino Taningco (1950-1951) and Dr. Juan Rosales (1951-1969).

          The first College of Pharmacy was located in Saint Vincent building where there was a botanical garden situated near the church. When Saint Theresa’s building was turned over to Vincentian Fathers, the office of the College of Pharmacy was transferred to the third floor of the building.

           From the time the College was opened, enrollment has steadily increased reaching its peak in 1988 with more than a thousand students, 30% whom were foreigners, notably from Jordan, Palestine, Thailand, Korea, Africa and Iran.

           The period 1985-1989 marked the time when the College was at the best. Adamsonian made it to the top of the Pharmacy Licensure Examination, here and abroad. The first graduate to make it to the top ten was Florentina del Rosario placed 9th in 1961. In 1988, Daniel Rivera garnered 1st place in the same exam. In 1987 and 1988, Chatchawan Liewwatnaham and Kittikom Jotisakulratana got 1st place respectively in the government licensure examination for pharmacists administered by the Royal Thai Government.

          The College has produced top caliber pharmacists occupying top positions in various companies or owners of big drugstores, drug laboratories and actively involved in professional organizations and outreach projects.

          Moreover, in the pursuit of excellence, modern laboratory equipment will not suffice without the men and women imparting and guiding its uses. Still, the educators, who are selfless in their desire to transfer the knowledge and to share the experience, remain the heart, the moving spirit of the Pharmacy body. They fulfill the founding vision of Adamson.