St. Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is the founder of the Congregation of the Mission and patron saint of Adamson University. He is known as the Great Apostle of Charity.

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An Adamsonian's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Teach me the things that are important:

      To be generous with Your gifts,

     Compassionate to those who have less,

     Just in the face of unfair circumstances,

     True when the world's values contradict my own,

     Gracious when things don't go my way,

     And magnanimous when they do.

May nothing else matter

     Except Faith in Your goodness, my neighbor's, and mine,

     Hope that things can get better,

     And Charity that always set things right.

May Your special Love for the Poor,

     The mark of my uniquely Vincentian education,

     Be the work I excel in,

     The standard I constantly refer to,

     And my courage when I meet You someday.

With Mary, our Mother, and St. Vincent de Paul, Amen.

Adamson Hymn

Adamson Alma Mater dear
All hail thy name

In our wand'ring far or near
We'll spread thy fame
Within thy portals hallowed
True wisdom we have followed
In every clime our loyal hearts
Will never fail
Through changeless time
Dear Adamson U hail!

Fling out thy banner high
The blue and white
Lift our voices to the sky
With raging might
Each noble son and daughter
From thee will never falter
Thru ev'ry hour to keep us
Faithful, strong and pure
God grant us pow'r to
Make our triumph sure!

About Us
About About About About About About About

Adamson University has endured the tests of history, first as a Greek-run school and then as a Catholic and Vincentian institution. It has emerged academically richer and stronger, accumulating layers of knowledge and experience that sustain its mission to provide education—the kind that meets stringent standards of quality yet affordable to those who have less. Now beyond its Diamond Jubilee, it confidently and ably plays its role as an agent of personal as well as social transformation.


Adamson University began as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry in 1932 and was founded by Dr. George Lucas Adamson, a Greek chemist from Athens. In 1964, the University became a Catholic school under the Congregation of the Mission

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Vision and Mission


Adamson University, a Catholic Vincentian educational institution, is a recognized leading center for quality education particularly for the socially disadvantaged.


As a Catholic University, we diligently pursue truth and knowledge, inspired by the Gospel values and guided by the teachings of the Church;


As a Vincentian Community, we inspire others to follow the example of St. Vincent De Paul, who led and organized his contemporaries in creatively responding to those who are in need;


As an institution of learning, we assist in the formation of competent, creative and socially responsible leaders through our commitment to excellence in discovery, learning and service;


As a catalyst of social transformation, we provide quality services that empower others to become agents of change.

About the President

Fr. Gregg Banaga, Jr., CM was born in Tarlac City on October 31, 1953.  He studied at Holy Spirit College and Don Bosco Institute in Tarlac.  After graduating from elementary, he entered the seminary of the Congregation of the Missions, popularly know as the Vincentians.  His college years were spent at Adamson University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.  He continued his studies in Theology at UST finishing in 1979.  In March of that year he was ordained a priest.

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Core Values

Search for Excellence

Spirit of St. Vincent de Paul


Social Responsibility

Sustained Integral Development

General Updates

Academic Calendar

November 5 to January 18

Application for March Graduation

November 30

Bonifacio Day

December 14 to 19


December 21

Christmas Vacation Begins

December 25

Christmas Day

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List of the current President, Vice Presidents, College Deans, Directors, and other administrators of the University.

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